We are pleased to announce that Kingdom Farming have taken over Kelly Tree Care from April 2016 in order to develop the forestry contracting side of Kingdom Farming.

  • We operate compact harvesting and extraction machinery.  Designed with economy, minimal damage to retained crop and minimal ground disturbance as a priority.
  • We can extract timber from sites in which larger machines would require substantial racks to be cut in order to move product to the landing.
  • Our 6.5 ton excavator with Kesla harvesting head is as versatile as it is productive and pairs excellently with our compact forwarder.
  • Our small footprint Vimek 608.2 is ideal for ecologically sensitive sites, urban forestry, areas where ground damage is a concern and in first and second thinnings where crop spacing would prove restrictive for larger machines.
  • Combined with a traditional tractor and forestry winch we can extract timber from terrain that is inaccessible to other operators with larger equipment.
  • Motor manual harvesting helps our clients to realise the value in areas of forestry that would have previously been considered uneconomical due to their size and potentialy low yield.
  • It is proving easier than ever to market timber and realise potential value, due to the expanding biomass, chip and pulp markets.
  • Low fuel, opertaing and haulage costs are essential to maximise a return on your stand. Uniquely equipped, Kingdom Farming can harvest and market your round timber as cost effectively as is possible.
  • Thinning of  plantation woodland is essential to improve the quality and development of the remaining trees and thus to maximise economic returns on initial investment.
  • Traditionally, first thinnings are seen as an overhead that is necessary in the successful managment of a wood, with felled trees being left in the wood to breakdown.  Now with an increasing demand for biomass, chip-wood and pulp, it is possible to finance these operations, in part, by capitalising on the felled timber.
  • It is essential that the thinning operation is done in a way that minimises the felling of trees outwith the scope of the management plan and that retained stock is protected from damage that would affect the quality of the mature crop.
  • The small footprint of our 6.5 ton excavator based harvester and our Vimek forwarder, fitted with a versatile hydraulic tilting head, means less damage to the ground and root systems and less scratching of retained stock during harvesting and loading.
  • The standing hardwood to fuelwood market has never been more lucrative. Rising oil and gas costs have caused a steady rise in demand for quality firewood by producers supplying domestic markets looking to alternative, sustainable ways to heat their homes.
  • The management and thinning of a hardwood stand is essential to improve the quality of the saw logs that will ultimately be produced.
  • With the more favourable fuelwood market, stands can now be thinned with the output from these operations being sold on. Often generating enough income to cover the costs of the thinning operations and in the cases of exceptional quality, or of a particularly sought after species, return a profit.
  • Kingdom Farming has helped clients see returns on their standing timber through harvesting and thinning efficiency, always minimising the impact to retained woodland and surrounding grounds.
  • We offer a range of contractual options based on what a client’s objectives are, be it prorata, day rate, fixed price or ‘for timber’.